Understanding Progress

The Sunshine

Whilst there are curriculum areas that are provided for use within schools, there is no way of measuring the impact of these on the children in terms of their mental and emotional wellbeing.

We have developed a system that maps to Social Emotional Aspects of Learning, PHSE and Citizenship and SCMS outcomes and areas.  The system is called The Sunshine and can track the subjective experience of each child, help them learn to structure their own development with help from their teacher/ teaching assistant and measure how things change as a result of any work done.

This is currently being piloting in infant and junior schools in North Yorkshire.  This phase of piloting should be complete by early 2014.

Ultimate Possibilities

Based on the methodology of The Wheel, piloted and used in the voluntary and public sectors, the data we get from The Sunshine has many different potential uses:

  • Understand individual improvement in terms of wellbeing.
  • Identify common areas for focus in a group, class, year or school.
  • Assess the impact of non-academic interventions/projects.
  • Compare child and teacher perspectives and bring them into positive alignment.
  • Identify areas of optimum pupil motivation.
  • Correlate information with academic achievements.