Contributing to the Evidence - Base

There is not enough research being done in public and voluntary sectors.

Research is not only done in academic institutions.  Encouraging and supporting independent and smaller scale, good quality research is vital to feed the evidence we all have.

Nationally, there is a call for more research to be undertaken by organisations large and small with tools and support groups becoming more widely accessible.

We can help you research

For example, you might want to find out what is the average profile of Carers in terms of their wellbeing and how do they compare with other groups in terms of improving this through support and information.

Through using our measurement tools or others, research like this can be done and presented in publications to further our understanding of your client group, your work, or a particular intervention.


We Do Research - Using Polpulation level data

Through collecting Wheel and other data we are in a position to use population level data to:

  • Conduct analyses that help us to understand the sectors, the activity and impact of the work being done.  

  • Describe the different client groups being worked with and the difficulties that may influence efforts to improve and support.

  • See where the greatest client motivations are and where efforts are more often successful, thus helping focus resources.