There are three elements to the pricing for The Wheel Outcomes Tool: training, license and quality.


The Wheel costs £30.00 per user account paid annually in advance. So, if there are 5 users in your organisation the annual license fee will be £150.00; if there are 8 users, the annual license fee will be £240.00; if there are 12 users, the annual license fee will be £360.00 and so on. You can have any number of licenses.  

Each license gives on-line data collection and analysis of Wheel results with links to Public Sector Outcome Frameworks.

There is no minimum annual license fee – even the smallest of organisations can use this system.  


Each person using The Wheel must have attended the official training in full (see below).You can book training for a group of between 8 and 12 people which you can arrange jointly with other local organisations to share the cost.  Alternatively, you can ring and book for individuals to attend a mixed training session with a flat rate of £95.00/person for both half days.


Each organisation using The Wheel has the option to have a quality check by Up partners once a year to ensure that the tool is being used in accordance with the training. This ensures that the data retains its integrity and therefore yields meaningful interpretation beyond the host organisation.  This check will cost between £150.00 - £300.00 depending on the number of user accounts in operation in your organisation.

If this is awarded, the organisation can use our quality mark to let commissioners, funders, and peers know that their practice is excellent.

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