Esther Hall

Esther Hall of Up PartnersAfter graduating in Applied Psychology in 1995, I first worked in the manufacturing industry and then with the major international pharmaceutical organisations. This provided a grounding in practical industry, organisations and management that underpins my current work.

After a break to have my children I trained as a reflexologist and a tai chi teacher. This along with acquiring a Stress Management qualification gave me further insight and skills to be applied in the same arena but from a different direction.  I then completed my MSc in Occupational Psychology as part of the Chartership process of the British Psychological Society to become an Occupational Psychologist. I have also trained in clinical hypnosis to further consolidate my skills in this area.

During this time I have worked with private, public and third sector organisations in Yorkshire and Humber delivering services to individuals, teams and organisations. I have designed, delivered and maintained a wide range of interventions with excellent feedback and growth which has spurred me on to expand my practice.

I have developed and run research to assess the impact of using imagery, neuro-linguistic programming and Compassionate Mind Therapy in this capacity.  The results were resounding and I now aim to extend this research to link these techniques with Personal Construct Psychology.

Through the combination of a business and organisational backdrop for a forward thinking and effective approach to all people issues, Up seeks to break new ground and deliver great results.