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Utilising Psychology

Using the scientific and evidence-based practice of Occupational Psychology to develop and sustain meaningful evaluations of individuals' progress and wellbeing, services and organisations in a truly person-centred way.

Up has a strong history of capturing the impact of services that give both tangible and intangible outcomes.  By using our experience of engaging with service users, staff, commissioners and funders, we provide coherent ways to capture and present  vital information on impact and value.

Up's Unique Provision

We have developed ways to standardise a diverse range of organisational outcomes and endeavours that give quantitative and qualitiative data.  These has been used across the voluntary sector with further models being piloted in education.

The Wheel is shown below and is used in voluntary and public sectors to record person-centred impact and outcomes.

Understanding Providers

We support the voluntary sector to understand their own value and gather evidence to show others.  We believe this is central to ensuring that the voluntary sector continues to provide the vital stand-alone services that help public sector services be effective.

 In addition, using The Wheel provides an evidence-base to drive strategic direction and aims for organisations.  For example, this data can be used to identify where provision is working well and where there are gaps that need filling, where quick wins are possible and where unlikely effects are seen.

Understanding Procurement

Commissioners and funders are required to justify their funding decisions fairly and robustly.  We aim to support them in making good decisions when commissioning services through providing the information they need - to simplify a complex and shifting marketplace whilst still giving the depth and richness needed for meaningful choices.

As more organisations use our tools, community and population level data is available to aid commissioning decisions.  This data can inform our understanding of different client groups, their needs, and how optimum results can be gained.

United Picture

The more organisations that use Up's tools, the more meaningful they become. Through using our systems the voluntary sector can be better understood, as a whole, and as individual providers.  The private sector can also add to the evidence-based picture of what services are out there and what they do.


We provide value for money and are particularly aware of the issues of small business and third sector organisations trying to adopt robust business practices on a limited budget.  Our pricing is flexible to accommodate this.